Lucid Line


The Most Advanced 3-in-1 For Any Car: While other 3-in-1 formulas do a nice job at being a waterless wash, clear coat, and rain repellent, only Lucid Ceramic Spray Coating produces the shiniest shine you’re looking for today. Not just hydrophobic, but also cationic so that mirror shine lasts longer, too Silicone Free Optimized Shine: As you know, Silicone Dioxide is the gold standard in car polish. Lucid Ceramic Spray contains 15% SiO2, and the highest you have probably seen today. But what’s more important, is the other 85% of our formula that enables this glassy shine to “stick” better and longer Easier To Use: While other kinds of spray wax ask you to start with a wet towel – Lucid does not! Simply wash your car, and then wax as you dry for a guaranteed streak-free finish.



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